Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second post in the series: How to be a good aunt

Always be prepared to entertain, distract and amuse. Use what you have. And if that's an iPhone, use it. And if you have nieces? The app for becoming a Unicorn is very, very popular.

Lola UnicornZiola UnicornLilee Unicorn


Linda said...

Isn't is so much fun being an aunt! My nephews in California look forward to berry picking here in the Portland area every July. As they get older, I expected berry picking to be less appealing but the enthusiasm has only increased with age.

(Love your blog, BTW. I've been a "lurker" for quite a few years.)

CrackerLilo said...

Way to use what you've got! Other peoples' kids are the coolest. I'm not technically an aunt yet, but I act a lot like one. The girl I see the most loves my nail polish, my cats, and anything hockey. Lately, she's also wanted some cooking lessons--her mom's a good Italian cook, but she wants to learn other things. My best friend's daughter always wants to swim, surf, or go to the zoo, which is great because I love to do those things. And both of them have inadvertently taught me the importance of making sure I put "safe search" on my computer if I let them use it!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i think i am partial to the little one on the far right. she is yummy.