Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I put a bird on it

My holiday twig has transformed in the new year.
I put a bird on it.
Yes I did. I put a bird on it.

I love Portlandia almost as much as I love Portland. How did they know I love birds?


laguna dirt said...

love your birdie!

Paula said...

Okay- I've either had too much Scotch, or that was really funny.

Malady said...

Oh, I thought of Portlandia right away when I read your caption. Don't ya just love it?

e said...

You and me both, Malady! hahahahahahah!!!!

Oh Portland(ia)! How we love you!

scottweberpdx said...

I love it...Portlandia is a little too on-the-mark sometimes ;-)

Kristina said...

My husband and I can't stop saying cacao to one another. :D