Friday, January 07, 2011

Link love: things I'm seeing and digging right now

I love hanging baskets, but this is the largest hanging basket EVER. How crazy fun.

The average person complains between 15 and 30 times per day and this post has had enough of it. Love this piece shining light on complaining and committing to positive. Here here.

I have sketch books. Lots of them. Ideas, sketches, clippings, they all live in these for projects mainly professional but sometimes also home or garden projects too. I've been oogling over these sketchbooks. Yummers. So voyeuristic into someone elses creative process.

What if it's not the content of your photos, but how you frame their composition? This has stayed with me for some reason. Unusual and lovely.

In my visioning for the year, I'm building a playlist of songs. This is the first...


CrackerLilo said...

What a great song! Thank you for reminding me of it--and the beauty in the world, in general.

Anonymous said...

Awesome song & video!

Mom said...

I listened to this song at 7:00AM. Great way to start the day!
Hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this posting, I listened to that song 50 times over the weekend and early this week! Love it. Can't wait until the next song/video you post!