Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What to do, what to do: 20 Things to Do With Chives

Hello chives. I knew you would visit again.

I've got chives. Ooh girl, have I got chives. They're like that crazy aunt who just pops by: I'm delighted to see her but never quite know what to do with them all.

I'm beginning a list.
  1. Eat them on a baked potato.
  2. Snip them into a salad.
  3. Top a potato soup with them.
  4. Put a bird on them.
  5. Add their flowers to a salad.
  6. Arrange them uniformly in a vase.
  7. Make chive butter.
  8. Try a chive vinaigrette.
  9. Preserve them in an infused vinegar.
  10. Consider stir-frying them.
  11. Coconut rice with chives. Lovely.
  12. Uh, mouthwatering has commenced. Scones.
  13. Tuck them into omelets along with goat cheese.
  14. Make Jamie's broccoli salad.
  15. Say schnittlauchsauce three times fast.
  16. Add them to roasted root vegetables.
  17. Make a roasted beet salad with tangerines and chives.
  18. I'm pretty sure I'll make this: Farro salad.
  19. Swoon over chive chips.
  20. Enjoy them in all of their simplicity and just add them to everything I can while they are in season.
Phew. What's your favorite thing to do with chives?


Paula said...

Shirred eggs

I have a boatload of chives too; they're perennial, so once you have them, you pretty much always have them. I've also divided them and have two plants now. I'm glad you mentioned this because I walk past them in the garden and think, man, they're gorgeous! I really oughta do something with them while they're so green and new.

I was gonna make oatmeal for breakfast, but maybe now I'll make shirred eggs. Or the omelette.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love your list. I think chives go great on Pasta dishes too.

patrick barber said...

was gonna say, mince and beat with goat cheese for yummy cocktail spread. But doing same in an omelet is at least as good if not better.

Anonymous said...

One spring, I made a light asparagus soup consisting of little more than chicken stock and fresh asparagus. I floated chive blossoms on top to serve, Beautiful and delicious!

Marcia Lepley

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! We make Chinese New Year Dumplings with chives!: 1 small head of Chinese cabbage, 1tsp salt, 1/2 lb of lean ground pork or chicken, 1/3 lb garlic chives (not the ornamental garlic chive), seasonings: 2tbs soy sauce, 1 1/2 tbs toasted sesame oil, 1 tb rice wine, 1 1/2 tbs minced fresh ginger, dumpling/wonton skins, 1 tbs cornstarch. Cut cabbage into thin slices and mix with the salt then let stand 30 min to get the water out of the cabbage then squeeze as much water out as you can. Combine the ground meat, chives and seasonings (I lightly cook this first) then dust a baking sheet with the cornstarch and place 1 tsp of the filling into the centre of a dumpling skin and fold it over to form a half moon shape and pinch the edges . Now you can steam, boil or lightly fry them. Serve them with a dipping sauce of 1/2 cup soy sauce and 1/4 cup water. Yummy! Love you, Sheri

e said...

I heart chives! And my hardy clump of chives has been growing for at least 15 years.

We had some this weekend in scrambled eggs and in the diced potatoes. Then I added some to the chicken soup.

rodger said...

Like your coconut rice with chives...I like lemon or saffron rice with chives. Mmmm.