Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Escape from Witch Mountain

Actually, it's escape from a long grey winter and spring....
As a true Portlander I made like a bird and got the hell out of town for a few days. Thanks to a fantastic client and project, I spent some time in Florida recently (have I ever told you I love what I do? I love what I do!). And while it was a short trip, and one I mainly spent working, don't think I didn't enjoy every single bit of sunshine, warmth and loveliness. I brought you back some photos...

Bouganvilla is such a common plant in warmer areas, yet so exotic to those of us from the north.
bouganvilla in the sun

warmth from the sky

This is called color. We don't see much of it in Portland during our dreary season.
boost of color

Warm weather was made for mojitos.

Shared desserts with the 5 fantastic women I work with on this project. Before:
desserts before

And after:
desserts after

Morning walks around the lagoon, in the sunshine, short sleeves, and sunglasses.
lagoon morning walk

morning walk self portrait


danger garden said...

Did you see the headline in the Oregonian a week or so ago? "Scary orange orb in the sky will go away"....or something like that. It really is getting ridiculous. I'm glad you got to escape, and I wish I were there too!

Laguna Dirt said...

ok, looks like you had way too much fun! good for you! well-deserved.