Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring blooms in Portland's trees

Blue sky and blooms
I've had this vision in my mind all winter of the spring blooming trees here in Portland. On cold, grey, windy days, I'd remind myself of hope for spring, and at the center of that hope was the signaling of spring through the blooming trees. That day would come, that day would come.

And it has.

Frosting on the trees

I've made sure to enjoy this fleeting time and to be out and among the blossoms. It's still too chilly for a picnic below the blooms, though we have seen people bundled up, shivering below the cherry blossom trees. Brave souls.

Cityscape framed in petals

The blooms continue on and as they age, they begin to rain petals, my most favorite and romantic part.

To stand under these trees, being rained on with the gentle delicate petals, I'm showered with spring.




Paula said...

Really gorgeous. I too, love the was that blossom petals flutter down like snowflakes. Most of the ornamentals are done blooming here in the neighborhood, but the fruit trees are getting set to take off. My neighbor has three gigantic apple trees that are just lovely in the spring, but I don't think they can compare to the cherries that you've snapped. Not even close.

By the way, my little Montmorency cherry has a few blossoms on it for the first time this spring!

Gretchen said...

Hood River Blossom Festival is this weekend. Just sayin'

A Lewis said...

I've been noticing! What a nice time of year here in one of the world's greatest cities.

Brent Logan said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. Love Portland in the spring. :-)