Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour: The Hangout in Back

Look how I just left you hanging and didn't even end the Virtual Garden Tour. What can I say? I got distracted: beautiful weather, time to play outside in the beautiful sunshine. We have to take it when we get it. But I'm back now to wrap up this Virtual Garden Tour and give you a peek into our private hangout in back.
the back pool of cool green grass
You can see a bit of it above. As you enter the back from the Side of Calm, this area is benefiting from a newly shaped lawn. This is what's left of the grass, and it's easy to water and care for now.
AdRi can sit here in this new little sitting area in the shade and take in her grass:
a quiet spot in the shade
Looking back at the Side of Calm:
the path from the side of calm
Looking back at the far corner:
the back corner
You may have wondered about that robot in the corner. It has a heart. And hops growing up its leg.
the robot has a heart
And a solar light on its head.
robot has a solar light on his head
Looking back at the house, yes, there is a house in this garden.
there is a house in the garden
If you're looking for me this summer, you'll likely find me here:
i love my zero gravity chair
back patio / my summer office
Can you find Wink?
The back patio
The Wall of Scent has been ablaze with jasmine and roses, and hummingbirds.
part of the wall of scent: jasmine in full bloom
autumn sunset and lavender lassie are showing off
hummingbird comes in for the buffet
Lots of pots on the back patio...
happy flowers
wine barrel
colors make me happy
And more places to hang out. Thus, The Hangout.
blue glass
To see all of the photos for The Hangout...

And that concludes the Virtual Garden Tour. You'll notice I have not included the weeds, bare patches, piles of pots nor uncoiled hoses. But know, they're all there, just beyond the photographer's frame. :) Happy gardening!



Well, LeAnn, it was worth the wait. Just beautiful. Ooh, the roses, the Wall of Scent, the pretty checkerboard patio...the red door, so much eye candy. Thank you for opening your garden to your readers. It was total eye candy.

danger garden said...

Thank you for taking us on the tour...you've got a gorgeous garden!

jonwilson said...

You have an object of envy in your backyard, LeLo. Your garden is wonderful. Just looking at those pictures soothes my soul.