Monday, June 27, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour: Side of Calm

frida and i in the garden
That's the sound for this part of your Virtual Garden Tour. After the Side of Chaos and the raucous front? We need a little ohm.

pathway to the gate looking out

This part of the garden has been transformed greatly over the past several years. What used to be hot and dry, has become shade and part shade, and a calm transition from one area to another.

pathway through the side of calm

The addition of the bench made it not just a place to pass through, but a place to be in and contemplate. To be still. To be.

The best thing we ever did here was to throw in the towel on the attempt of growing grass as a pathway, and to put in the cedar chip mulch. It has a little bounce to it. And it smells really good.

looking out from the side of calm

This area is home to plenty of garden art, or I like to call it A.R.T.—the capitalization makes it the real deal. I like to think it helps to break up the thick foliage and green.

in context
garden A.R.T.
th lady stands among the euphorbia

Scrambling in the tree is our hummingbird feeder. It's also known as honeysuckle.

honeysuckle in the tree
hummingbird feeder

Look up and you'll discover the tree (Clerodendrum c. trichotomum “harlequin glorybowers”) is full of glass crystals, chimes and bells. It's also full of little white lights at night, or hanging candles.

look up. the tree is full of things.

A photo from last year:
Lights hanging in the garden

The sunlight through this area is so delicate and dramatic (I know, that seems like a weird combination, doesn't it? But it's true.) in the early morning and late day. I think about this when planting, and love plants that have see-through qualities, or the ability to glow when lit (purple feather grass is delightful). I couldn't pass up this begonia at the garden center this year. It was only $5, and it is honkin' huge. I can't stop taking photos of it.

lighting makes the begonia glow
side of calm, early morning
i can't stop taking photos of this begonia.

No really, it's huge, see? Here I am with it for reference.
context for the size of that begonia!

As is with many things in our garden, volunteers exist here too, including these alliums. I let them stay, and love them dancing among the lady's mantle.

alium in the lady's mantle
helloooooo alium

We begin to get a glimpse of the back hangout from here, and a side pathway takes us to a new, serene little sitting area in the shade.

view towards the back
early morning sunshine filters through this calm space

With creepers growing among the stones. And fragrant pennyroyal right where you put your feet when you sit down in the chair. Who doesn't love pennyroyal scented feet?

pathway in calm
pennyroyal at your feet

Wink likes the path, too.

wink likes the walkway too

I have some new toys from IKEA: solar fiber optic lights. Hello to my inner 6-year-old. They're tucked into a few places back here, and here it is in the lady's mantle. I can't stop staring at it. And touching it.

fiber optic light in the lady's mantle
fiber optic lights speak to the little girl in me

Next and final stop on our Virtual Garden Tour? The back hangout!



What a fabulous eye-candy post, LeAnn. I love the lush, green of your oasis. Isn't shade wonderful? I love your wire gate, chair and dress form. Your bench just begs for a respite and those pathways just invite a calm stroll. Love your beefy begonia for five bucks. Score! Does Wink have pennyroyal feet too? Very cool fiber optic light. I'm going to have to go back and see your other garden posts. Fun!

Emily said...

that is just omg gorgeous. love the shade...

danger garden said...

Good god girl your garden is amazing and HUGE! Do you ever have it "open" for the public to trample through....(please say yes)

Paula said...

Really pretty Lelo. It must be nice to come home to it.

Does it take care of itself or are you guys constantly keeping up the garden?

Alison said...

Very peaceful. I love the alliums too. And that armature/dress form thingy is pretty darn cool.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

Wink is looking great !!

Tall Clover Farm said...

Now that was a fine garden tour: I didn't have spend 3 hours driving to Portland, was able to make a pot of coffee, and didn't have to change out of my pajamas. Awesome! Lovely, lovely oasis, thanks for sharing it.