Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Report from the fields: Hood strawberries are off the hook this year

box o' berries

Is it because I've been off the sweet addiction of sugar for the past six months that this year's strawberries taste so incredibly sweet? Or is it because they truly are delicious?

tractor ride

We picked with a pack of kids Hood strawberries on the first day the fields were open out at Sauvie Island Farms, and it was delightful. The sun shone on our shoulders, the tractor ride out to the field gave us views of three mountains, and the strawberries were ripe and ready.

in the fields

They are seriously good this year and you really should go pick some yourself. Visit the farms in person, connect with the land, and know where your food comes from.


Then stuff your mouth with red ripe strawberries and know that summer is on its way. (Or drop a few in a wine glass.)

strawberries at the end of the day

Bonus pics: Peony picking!

The haul:
the haul


brett said...

So awesome! Can I ask what the u-pick price was? I saw hoods at the farmers market for $25/flat. I think that is expensive, but don't know what to compare it to. We may do a Sauvies Island field trip this weekend.

LeLo said...

Hi Brett! I wish I could remember what the price was, but I'm afraid I don't. I believe what you see in that photo, plus a half other flat, was $40 something, including the peonies. Hoods don't last long, 3 days at max, so the fresher you can get them, the better. And they're pretty easy picking. You and Anna should go!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

fresh "thangs" are so yummy. cleaned with a few fresh herbs, like mint. and ummmm ummmmmm. question.... does wink eat strawberries in addition to garden carrots ?

Best Wishes, Marie said...

and .... happy summer soltice !!

Shauna B said...

Yum! Love Hoods, love Sauvie Island, and love your photos!

e said...

So delicious! I just bought some at the farmer's market and haven't bothered to wash them or even get them home. Just eating them at my desk at work.

Can't wait to drop some in a mimosa!