Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is not a post about pie

galette: blueberry and nectarine
I know, my fellow pie lovers, it has been a long time since I have waxed poetic about a good pie. And it's getting to be pie time, what with all of the fruit coming into season.

Alas, I haven't made a pie in quite some time, and I think I might make a few galettes this summer instead. Instead of writing about them, though, I'm sending you over to Josh and Brent's blog to read, because I really, truly love the way they wrote about how to make a galette. It's the beauty of the simplicity, how to do it by hand and with minimal measurement, and it made me laugh. You'll like it:


Best Wishes, Marie said...

i am also in a "gallete" phase. i like them because they can also be full of savory things. wild mushrooms, zucchini, etc... and versatile. corn meal crust, wheat ... gallete are the perfect way to dress up some leftovers.

i will check out the josh and brent post.

also.... i came over because i thought of you when posted today. adam sent me a video on the "it gets better project." if you have not seen it, take a peek.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i just went over to josh and brent's site. oh my. i love the "goat cam."

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love galettes! Made a rhubarb cobbler the other day, and now I'm thinking I may try a rhubarb galette this weekend. Yum!
Lee Ann

e said...

What a great recipe! Thanks for the link!!!