Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour: Welcome

welcome to our house, er, garden. Okay, garden with house in it.
I love a good open garden. To wander through someone's garden, get nosy, feel relieved in finding a weed, revel in the plant pairings and get great ideas for my own garden. I thought we'd have a virtual garden tour here at Lelo in Nopo, and invite you in for a look at our own garden as it appears in June 2011.

Make no mistake: there is work here to be done. There is chaos. There is calm. There has been a lot of work. It's a labor of love and spaces we've built over the past decade or so. I'll show it to you in five parts: Welcome, Side of Chaos, Edibles, Side of Calm, The Hangout.

The front corner
Yes, there is a house behind all of this, a house that turns 100 years old this year. This front was once all grass. Actually, weeds and holes and some grass. And a hornets nest in the ground. Today? It's where we interact with our neighbors, sit and ponder from a hidden away bench, welcome guests to our front door, and grow our vegetables.
There is a house behind there.

Every year I rip out these daisies and every year they come back. This is a wild bed, that transforms greatly at different times during the year.
Looking in from the front and beyond
There's a lot of crazy here

If you leave your shoes here I might put plants in them.
Shoes in the garden

The front porch pots still hold the winter blooms. Beyond them you can see the column holding the giant jasmine.
pot on the front porch just keeps blooming

pot on the front porch

Jude the Obscure anchors this corner, at the perfect height to offer you a bloom to sniff. It's a delightful scent.
Jude the Obscure anchors the corner
Jude the Obscure rose

And beyond Jude you begin to see the Side of Chaos. And the Side of Chaos will be tomorrow's Virtual Garden Tour.
Jude the Obscure and beyond the Side of Chaos

Before we continue, have a seat and take it all in. There's a lot to see here!
Have a seat and take it all in


Elizabeth said...

So pretty! I love the shoes.

danger garden said...

Yay a garden tour I can take n my pj's! Looking forward to the rest of your posts...but first! What is the tree or vine with the "streamers" of purple flowers? It's most prominent in your second and third photos but I bet that's it again in your last photo of the bench.

LeLo said...

Danger garden, be forewarned: my garden aesthetic is about opposite of yours! Big chaos blooms rules our garden. The plant you're asking about is a spring blooming buddleia, Buddleia alternifolia. I don't think it is of the same kind of invasive buddleia the others are known for, but it has outgrown its space. In other words, its days in our garden are numbered and will most likely be going away in the coming year or two. However, until then, when it's in bloom, it's stunning, no? This main corner is in transition, with some major grasses and shrubs having been removed this last fall.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love a chaos of color, texture, shapes and variety in a garden

Wacky Mommy said...


Bethany ~ Sustainable Food For Thought said...

As an apartment dweller, I'm loving the vicarious living, here. And that rose is luscious!! Happy summer xx

LeLo said...

Jeff-Thank you. There is certainly variety in our garden!

Wacky Mommy-Your new garden is on its way honey!

Bethany-Thank you. And Jude the Obscure is my most favorite rose. It is truly luscious!

Paula said...

It's lovely, Lelo! Thanks for the tour!


Well Jude isn't obscure at all, is he? Gorgeous! Love the Buddleia. I wonder if you can just cut it back severely so it won't have to be taken out. It looks so cool in that spot.
It looks like I'm not the only one who actually likes Bishop's weed. :) Right plant, right place, correct?