Thursday, November 03, 2011

Making way for new

Just a quick note to my Portland-area readers (Holla! Portland! Put a bird on it!)  Is it time to clear out your closet and make way for some new things? Are you holding onto some workplace clothes you really aren't wearing anymore? If your answer is yes, join me in donating gently used clothes to women who can really put them to good use, through Dress for Success, a fantastic organization providing access to office-appropriate clothes for low-income women trying hard to make it in the workplace.

A friendly recently visited Dress for Success and discovered they have very little clothing for women with curves, meaning size 14 and up. So extra kudos to you if you're able to help in this department. I have six huge bags of clothing to donate and I'm so happy to be able to make sure they go to women who can really benefit from them, including the fantastic leather coats I'm letting go of.

This Saturday I've joined with some friends to host a clothing get-together for Dress for Success and I wanted to let my readers know how to help. Bring your clothing donation—purses and jewelry are also accepted—to Cupcake Jones this Saturday, November 5, between noon and 3pm, say hey and get a free cupcake!

  • What: Curvaceous: Making sure success comes in all sizes
    Find the Facebook invite here
  • When: Saturday, November 5, Noon-3pm
  • Where: Cupcake Jones, 307 NW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR
And just think: with all of the space you create in your closet, you're opening the window to filling it with something new and wonderful. I love that feeling.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

that "making room" is powerful. i am excited to see new things and energy move your way ... after this vacume is created. energy will move !!