Thursday, October 25, 2012

There are more responsible bloggers than I

So many of the garden bloggers I love to read do "blooms day" every month. And every month I visit their blogs, take in the gorgeous photos of their gardens and what's blooming, yet I never participate myself. I don't know why. What's the date? How's it done? What is this group thing?  It's lovely. And I just take, take, take.

Here's my half assed attempt, without a link to others nor am I doing it on the right date. Nor does it include my entire garden. Only the back and side garden, because I'm lazy. (I don't know what's going on out front. I think it's all weeds and invasives.)

But here's what I found today but steps from my back door....
Today in the garden
More garden color today.
Blooms and berries in the late October garden. So much color. Grateful.
These were taken on October 25, 2012. That's late October. So grateful for the wonderful summer and fall we have had. (And why haven't you added beauty berry to your garden yet?)


Rosemary said...

Those are some gorgeous blooms for late October! I will have to check out those incredible purple berries. I don't get those "linking up with" blog posts either, if you figure it out, please do share :)

ricki said...

Lovely late-season montage. With the colors on your house, you hardly need flowers to stay cheerful all winter long.