Thursday, November 01, 2012

Put your money where your mouth is: let's get political

It's high time for politics. And for every person who says "I don't discuss politics" I want to present to you a long stemmed rose of apology, and love. If you're reading this blog, of course you discuss politics. :)

And so it is that I recently wrote:
You vote every day with the actions you take. When you opt to buy your produce at the local farmer’s stand, you vote to keep your dollars close to home and to support your local economy. You most likely are also voting for less environmental impact on the world, without the need to transport goods long distances, and without massive degradation against the land for major food production. When you opt to cook more from scratch and less from processed and packaged food products, you vote to value your own health and the health of those you’re cooking for.
You can read the whole thing here over at PQ Monthly.

What do you think? Do you vote with your dollars? Is this old news to you? Are we expecting too much from the poor little madeleine?

Oh, and in case there's any question what side of the political spectrum this household is on, I give you this:


morganlaurel said...

I am with you all the way! We try and "vote" every day by using our dollars where it is most important to us. Frankly I think this is more powerful than the actual act of voting. Politics to me is one big popularity game that I don't really have any interest in...I am going to create my own "cool club" right here at home.

I so hope the GMO labeling passes in is harder to impact something in another state even though the outcome will have a big effect on the country at large.

ricki said...

The "little people" are making a difference every day.