Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pancakes and the overuse of quotation marks

Can you smell the enchiladas? Can you smell the pancakes? Can you smell the enchilada pancakes?
There's the pancakes-disguised-as-enchiladas aspect, here, but the example of having a lot of fun with the Aunt Jemima recipes is great. The flavor's bright as Old Mexico at fiesta time—and the simple figurines establish an intriguing table theme that salutes your imagination. This idea is catching on in Hollywood and along Park Avenue. Oh, to be a copywriter for this one. Fantastic.

Maybe you're more of a hot dog and pancakes person. You're in luck with this one...
Those are slices of hotdogs with pancake batter poured over them. The copywriter got excited writing... Serve immediately with hot syrup or barbecue sauce...and yell "'Penny-Cakes' ahoy!" The copywriter loved extensive use of punctuation. And quotes. Or should I say "quotes."

You might be surprised to know these "recipes" come from this booklet:

Because pancakes aren't unlimited, they're "unlimited."


scottweberpdx said...

Yikes...what were they thinking! Actually, I've been scanning the pages of my Dad's family cook book this week, and I should publish some of the would be enough to cause aneurysms in the Portland Foodie Collective ;-)

Hoover Boo said...


Is that where Jimmy Dean got the idea for sausage wrapped in a chocolate chip pancake "on a stick"? :)

Rozanne said...

So "hilarious!" Ahoy! I, too, always zero in on overused/incorrectly/nonsensically used punctuation in ad copy. Those "penny cakes" look absolutely disgusting. I think they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with that one. Blech!

Sammie070502 said...

I'm sorry to be finding this so late--it is hilarious! You didn't even snark on the fact that the the enchilada pancakes are a touted as a "quick-to-fix guest supper." If I served this to my guests, I can guarantee their reaction would be memorable. Maybe you should forward it to Sandra Dee--it's an idea she could really run with.