Friday, May 17, 2013

Of writing, memories and magic time

Hey, what happened to my blog? I used to write about gardening, canning, cooking and things here. I suppose I wrote about them because there were so few others who were too. But today the web is thick with full time talented bloggers taking gorgeous photos of their food, crafting wonderful recipes, gardening every day and writing plenty of how-tos. I love reading them. I think blogging has been a way for me to document my own learning and discovery, and I refer to my own blog when I'm trying to find a favorite recipe. Like spinach enchiladas. Or scones. But the newness has settled, I suppose: it isn't 2005 anymore.

Writing my monthly column over at PQ Monthly has helped me focus my editorial voice a bit, while growing to include my work with personal essays. And that's where my heart's at. This tapping into my inner voice, and allowing it to flow through my fingers onto the screen. I journey through memories of scent, feelings, explorations and emotions. I love when the stories come easily, but respect that it's not all of the time. When they do come, it's early in the morning, when the world is quiet, and my foggy brain from sleeping begins to awaken with a cup of coffee. It's before I do my to-do list, or speak a single word that day, or venture out into the world. I'm most in touch with my inner voice then, and perhaps my dreaming mind. I wonder if it's a transition from slumber to alert that makes for these times.

Whatever it is, I respect it. It was in this time I wrote my most recent column, joining memories of a childhood place with current explorations in the forests of Oregon. And a haunting photo of a conejo—rabbit—being rescued from a wildfire in Southern California. You can read it here. 

2600 elevation climb to this view of the gorge. We are so lucky to live in this land.

Dripping moss wall

Good morning

Furry trees I like to pet #oregon



LeAnn, your writing is outstanding. I could just picture you and your father hiking up those trails and feeling grateful for that occasional cool wind on your face. I'm sorry your childhood haunt has burned.

I feel very blessed to live here in the Pacific Northwest. Our forests are so beautiful. I hope you'll post lots of photos of your trips this summer. The photos here look like the gorge and Silver Falls. Am I close? :)

Desert Diva said...

I loved to read this thoughtful post. I too like that "quiet time" in the morning. The photos are quite beautiful - keep them coming...

Rosemary said...

Love your first and last photo especially, such a magical quality to them :)

Anonymous said...

I was a follower of your blog for a long time. I love your writing and your insights and your photos, all exemplary. But then you stopped writing and ultimately I took you off my desktop. Today I Googled you. No recent writings. I hope your life is going well.