Wednesday, September 03, 2014

How you doin'?

In the past week Ive had four friends mention this long lost blog to me. Missing stories, asking about recipes, wondering why I havent written here. These mentions have been in person, with friends close and near. Ive asked, What would I write about? as I havent been so much of a hard driving home arts badass this year. Confession time:
  • Ive done zero canning this year.
  • My tomato harvest is minimal.
  • One of my raised vegetable beds in the front consists of zinnias grown for cutting and a volunteer pumpkin. (I did one of those vomiting jack-o-lanterns last Halloween and the plethora of seeds must have made their way into the bed.)
  • I pay a housekeeping service to clean my house these days.
  • I spend more of my time in outdoor adventures and with friends than I do in homemaking. 

But I realize in my conversations with these friends, its just the stories of life that they ask about. And I suppose I still have those. Plenty, Im sure. And I still value the beauty and place of home, and our garden, very much so. I suppose my life view has broadened some, to include more and to adventure more. To risk more, to try new things more. And really, thats where my love of the home arts began. With trying something new and delving into a part of my life that I held at arms length.

I think about the stories I have for you, to share here. From growing my business, to exploring recipes to support weight loss, to learning to love new things like spinning class or dragon boat paddling, to pushing myself to new levels of mountain climbing and running. To losing weight and gaining weight and losing weight and figuring out exactly how I feel about my body and what Im capable of. Did I mention Pilates? Its my new love. And then theres all of the wonderful young people in my life these days. I am indeed, a very proud Nina.

And theres this evenings lovely recipe, completely made up, using roasted cherry tomatoes from the garden, topping chicken breasts stuffed with a mushroom/chèvre/garlic/basil combination. It was delicious, by the way. And super healthy. (For me, these days, super healthy equates low carb. Did you see that NY Times article?)

So I suppose I may have stories to share. I just thought Id check in here, say hello and let you know I miss you.

Getting back to basics, this isnt a blog filled with sponsored posts or sales writing of  items sent to me to review, or fill-in-the-blank any description of so many of todays blogs (ugh, what happened?). Its just a personal blog, begun in 2005, anonymously, and as a personal journey and journal. Hey 2014, nine years later, how you doin? Im doin fine.


Paula said...

I sometimes (well, frequently) feel guilty about not posting as often as I should, but real life trumps internet life- always.

LeLo said...

It's interesting, Paula, in that my posting used to always be about real life, and real life has continued on. I'm just not writing so much about it. I think part of it is having it so clearly aligned with my name, and my professional name is my business, so there's that. But I have nothing to hide, so why should it matter? I guess I feel that maybe my life has veered off topic a bit from the blog, but going back to the very beginning of this blog, it was such a hodge podge of life+work+travel+photography+north portland+home+garden+exploring+navel gazing. And perhaps that hodge podge is where I return to.

Alison said...

Nice to see a post from you. For me good health also equals low carb. I did see that article, also, have you read the book Death by Food Pyramid? It's excellent.

bojack said...

Please check in here from time to time, about any topic you like! You are missed.

Heather said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

LeLo said...

Thanks for the book recommendation Alison. I'll look at it!