Saturday, November 19, 2005

Guestblogging: From the Cats

Okay. We got the letter yesterday (thanks for putting it in a letter instead of telling us to our faces!), then last night "this thing" arrived. She's not as bad as we thought she'd be. We, Frida and Picasso, have joined into a united front. Yeah yeah yeah: I know that's new for us, but we figure there's power in numbers. Word in the house is that she's adorable. I guess, if you think dogs are adorable. Here. You judge for yourself.

But here's the ridiculous thing. LeLo and AdRi don't even have a name for her yet. Guffaw! Actually, they've narrowed it down to six names and evidently they'll be randomly selecting one later, or, even letting "the dog" pick from the six. Gasp! They're having a hard time picking between:
1. Satine
2. Queen Bee
3. Abba
4. Chiclet
5. Violet
6. Wink
Guffaw again. We, are artists. The dog? Whatever.


Kathryn said...

Is Satine from Moulin Rouge? That's one of my all time favorite movies.
My vote is whatever you guys decide:)
Ginger is waving at the picture!!
You're right, she is bigger than Ginger.

Anonymous said...

I'm speaking for my resident cat who has ordered me (as cats are wont to do) to tell you to name your dog Chiclet. That's so "bubblegum" and as opposite as you can get from the names you chose for your artistic and debonair kitties.

Okay, he's gone now so I can tell you a little embarrassing fact about my cat. His name is Zac. It's short for Prozac because he is one of the mellowest cats I've ever met. So take his opinion with a large grain of salt. LOL

Cute pup, Lelo. It'll be fun times at your house. ;-)


Gravely Gay said...

Abba, name it Abba, please.
She's adorable(sorry Frida and Picasso)

Blogzie said...


Wink is the one and the only one.

Go Wink!

But I love the puddy tats. I have two of my own, Metozens and Winky.

Yes, a Winky. He was a shelter kitty and featured as 'Pet of the Week' in the newspaper. He has one eye and a limp. I'll have to post a picture of him.

Oh, I know! Since you've gone with the artist names for the cats, name the dog "Dali" cause it really is a little doll.


CarpeDM said...

I am partial to Queen Bee myself. One of the dogs in a Nora Roberts book was named that. Plus, as the self-proclaimed Queen of the Universe, I like "meeting" other royalty.

geeekgirl said...

I really like Violet. Your new baby is so cute. Congrats. There is a really fun small dog playgroup at lexi dog every Sunday at 11am.

LeLo said...

People. You're all over the place! Focus! Focus!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Put your paws over your ears, now...Okay? Can you hear me? Good.

Okay Kitty can remove your paws now....

sttropezbutler said...

My oh my.

Quite the family!


Anonymous said...

I've heard that dogs respond best to 2-syllable names that end with a vowel. Therefore, I vote for Abba.

Zoe said...

I vote for Violet, too- it's different... besides she can always be "Vi" for short.

Nice point about the kitters having much more (cover puppy ears) debonair names... (you can uncover them now)

I don't know why but she's looking like a Maggie to me. Maybe I just need more sleep as my felines woke me a bit early today... something about being hungry.

Slaves to these adorable animals we are.

The Q said...

I like Wink. I that's a cute and unique name.

I have 5 cats and they totally rule the house over the one (large) dog. But my Dog isn't that the cuteness factor might make it much more difficult for your two kitties

sorry kitties