Sunday, November 20, 2005

Introducing Wink!

Picking out a name for new family additions isn't easy. There's been quite the drama about it here. We wrote the different names on little pieces of paper, crumpled them up, and waited for her to tell us which one it was. But then we couldn't really agree about the decision. Pitiful, isn't it? The lobbying call from my mom was influential, but AdRi really loves Satine. And it's pretty to pronounce with a spanish accent, and easy for family members. Yes, Satine is from Moulin Rouge. Love that movie. Speaking of movies, Hedwig and the Angry Inch was on last night. God, I love that movie, and those wigs. But I digress. Our new addition isn't particularly elegant or Queeny, or old fashioned like Violet. And with Abba I wanted to keep calling her Abby. But she's definitely sweet and spunky, a perfect fit to Wink. Or, as AdRi just called her, the Winkmaster. So there it is.

We are learning the joys of housetraining, and how to read her body language and needs. I don't think either of us have ever said the word "potty" as much as we have in the last 24 hours. And who ever knew that such a thing existed like "piddle pads"?!? Special shout out to RSG for her awesome help, advice and list of recommended supplies: we would have been completely lost without all of that information. And props to Superinky and Dieselboi for their love of little dogs and sharing that with us. Wink is very much looking forward to playdates wtih Frodo, Ginger, and others.

Wink is super sweet, and follows me wherever I go. She's so tiny sometimes it's hard to see her, but usually when I look down, there she is. We went for two walks yesterday: she doesn't really understand or know the leash thing. But we figured out during our second walk that if AdRi walked ahead, Wink would follow. So that's how we went for a walk: Wink following AdRi, and me following Wink. She's getting the hang of the leash, and today we'll try it again. We're also taking her with us to run some errands, and we got her a purse. I know I know. I'm turning into the crazy lady with the little dog. Well, live with it. And you know you want to see a picture of her in that purse. Duh!


Rozanne said...

Wink is the name I would have gone with, with Chiclet running a close second.

She sure is cute in that photo!!!!

Are you saying you're going to carry her around in a purse or that you have a purse that she's going to wear like a little saddlebag or something????

Please enlighten! Both seem pretty out there to me!!! But what do I know?

Kathryn said...

I can't wait to see her purse, and we love her name!
We are all anxious to meet Wink very soon!!

Anonymous said...

Love the name! And that photo! OMG, Wink looks more like an Egyptian Sphinx in that photo than a puppy-dog. Oh, dear, don't let the cats hear that comment...


pack of 2 said...

great name...Wink!

She is so cute!!!