Friday, November 25, 2005

Wink and Ginger have a playdate

Oh it's so exciting. Sisters, reunited. You may want to add an audio soundtrack to this have 2 options. Sisters, from White Christmas, or Reunited, and it feels so good......

Thank you, RSG, for hosting such a splendiferous evening at your place, and allowing Wink to payback Ginger with a piddle or two on your floor, AND your rug. Egads. Especially nice to meet up with ya'll, and LBCG as well. Wink is completely worn out from running around and around and around and around the ottoman, chasing her sister, Ginger. Too much fun. Until next time!


Kathryn said...

I played this twice for Ginger and she just watched the screen with her head cocked to one side. . . so cute!

Thank you both for coming for a visit and bringing your sweet baby! She is the sweetest and Ginger had a blast playing; we look forward to another playdate sometime soon!

Zoe said...

that is so cute, sisters reunited!

I can't watch video here on dial-up, but I'll try to check back from school next week!

The Q said...

Ok, that video should be illegal. Too much cuteness on one screen.

That's so neat...I wish someone around me had one of my dog's, actually maybe I don't. Two Malinois together might truly BE illegal! :-)

Have a great weekend!