Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Previous post....revealed!

the joy of spring....revealed
Why is there a cop in my backyard and why is she doing a dog track in my garden? Wait. That's Wink! She's in training! K-9 Unit to the rescue!!!!!

Bwahahhahahaha: this is the full picture, uncropped, from my previous post. AdRi actually gave me the "okay" to post it. It's really quite sweet to see a cop in full uniform, talking sweet baby talk to a little fluffy white dog. I love my AdRi, I love my Winky.


Kathryn said...

Sweet picture of your two sweet girls.

Hey, when you coming out to the new pad???

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think AdRi and I might work together.

Cute cute pic


Kami said...


Rozanne said...

No offense, but I don't think Wink would pass muster at the K-9 unit. Cuteness is not going to stop criminals in their tracks.

LeLo said...

Rozanne: What?!?! Wink is a vicious attack dog known to sniff out crime and TAKE IT DOWN. You know I'm getting her a police outfit, or, at least a badge, don't you?

Kami: 10-4 good buddy!

Kismet: You know, it's always a possibility...ah, the joy of the world wide intraweb.

RSG: Just as soon as you invite us!

P.S. To the city of Portland employee who spent 2 hours on my site today, don't worry. She doesn't work for you. :)

Zoe said...

Oh, she's a cop eh?

I'm going to leave my comment at that so as to not drag your blog down into the depth of the gutter where I normally reside.

Zoe said...

I like both versions of the picture- such fun in the yard- the warm weather is beckoning!

sttropezbutler said...


Women at Play!

Love it!


The Q said...

I think Moto could learn a thing or two about K9 work from Wink. Right now he thinks he has to bark and attack FIRST, run real fast to be a blur LATER. I think Wink (and AdRi) might be on to a better way to do things :-)

Such a great picture, I love it!

Anonymous said...

awesome action shot! glad AdRi played along...great to see your favorite girls in action :)