Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sugar+Thomas Kinkade+Walking+Hooters+Peeps

With a title like this, could a post really get much better? Haven't done a link-o-rama in awhile, and really, it's starting to get musty in here. Time to air it out! Opening the spring air windows...

This is freaky. Looks like an ad you'd see in the Parade insert in the Sunday newspaper. Followed by a Thomas Kinkade ad.

Speaking of, Thomas Kinkade. Word is he's an ass. Like that's a surprise. Is there anything I dislike more in the world than Thomas Kinkade (insert dynamic whisper voice)—Painter of Light? Let's tack on even more cheese factor with what I saw once in that great 60-minutes expose on the Kinkade phenomonem— he was selling the opportunity to high-wealth clients to come to "his studio" and with the purchase of their kajillion dollar kozy kottage oil painting rip-off, they themselves could paint their own ONE brush stroke of light. Ooh la la. Can you hear the windchimes?

These boots were made for walkin''s a walk for you, Brett.

Looks like the new North Portland Hooters is about to open. Cue the drum rolls: I've blogged here about it before.Oh yeah, that's a mightee fine family establishment. Blecht. Let's move on to something I do like...

It's almost Easter. You know what that means don't you? It's time for Peeps. I love Peeps! Clarification: I love the way Peeps look. I don't like eating them. And there's great stuff all over the world wide intraweb for Peeps fun. Take for example, cooking with peeps. Oh, you KNOW I'm going to test drive some of this stuff out this weekend. Especially the delightful sounding Peeps On The Lawn salad!

This has inspired me to post more about Peeps in the coming until then, that's all of the link-o-rama goodness for you. Enjoy the spring, peeps!


Zoe said...

Okay, 'peeps on the lawn salad', that's just wrong. The salad sounds good until you add the peeps. Maybe it's just the fact that the peeps are whole, and I hate peeps. I would change it to 'peeps run over by the mower and left on the lawn salad', and hack the peeps up into tiny bite sized pieces. Maybe add some food red food coloring to the oil in the dressing for effect. Just a thought.

BTW, I finally signed up for blog lines. Does bloglines have trouble updating certain blogs for you. I have a couple that it won't update, and their is only one feed available. They are blogger blogs, so I would think it should work properly. Any wisdom?

The Q said...

Zoe you didn't ask me but I have some insight...I was one of the people who "forgot" (read: didn't know) to turn on my RSS feed in the setup area of my own blogger blog and therefore numerous people told me that my blog never updated in Bloglines for them. Then I found the "site feed" and clicked "yes" and now they can "see me". If you sometimes see their blog and sometimes don't, then I don't know what to tell you. But if they NEVER update in Bloglines it could be "user error" (or intentional, unlike me) on their part.

Ok, Lelo...and I just high five you via this blog entry or how would you prefer my kudos? I abhor Thomas Kincade...his work looks crappy to me (I'm not artist, but it's my opinion) and I cannot stand watching he (and I believe I saw his wife) wax on about how they love to share with everyone...yah for a buttload of cash for (again my opinion) CRAP!

Ok, that's all for me....thank you for giving me the chance to say "hell ya!" at my computer monitor at least once today! :-)

Rozanne said...

My absolute favorite Peep Web site is this: (dot org!!!)

Perhaps you already know about it, but if not, do check it out immediately!!!

Thomas Kinckade's work looks no different to me than those painting that you see people selling out of the back of a truck at stoplights and disused gas stations.

Vile and schlocky.

Gravely Gay said...

I think I bought a Thomas Kincade from those street vendors as you come back in to the states from Tijuana.

I usually OD on Peeps the first week they come out. I'll eat a whole box of bunnies and never want to see a marshmallow again. But those recipes looked kind of nasty.

ToadyJoe said...

Those babies rock my world... and freak me out. Absolutely mesmerizing. Could I eat one? Not on your life.

Cool link though, thanks!

Kami said...

I cannot eat Peeps. Yuck. Way too sweet.

My mom loves Thomas Kincade. Shocked? No. Have you seen her damn blog? You don't want to. She is a very scary girl. I don't know how I came from her.

Tangent. I need to go to sleep. I love your new profile pic!

Radio Gretchen said...

We seriously need to hang out sometime.

mindlessgirl said...

ok, first things first...kincade=douche, but you know what, that f*ck sure knows how to make some f'n money...
secondly, easter candy is fab...cardbury mini eggs=love! know it's time for the resurrection when you see those beauties on your local grocer's shelf!

Anne said...


what a turd he seems to be.

peeps are just for decoration!