Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My new t-shirt

this week's self portrait
It was a gift from my g-friend. I kinda dig it. Zoe at Gaymo has a "special shirt": this isn't it, but I imagine that it looks something like it. Pride's coming up: I believe I'll be wearing this a lot this month. Speaking of Pride, nothin' really says Happy Pride like all of the wingnuts blathering on and on about the sanctity of marriage and how it must be protected: Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.) announced "Marriage today is under assault." Yeah, that's me and AdRi. We assault marriage. Whatever.

Check out all of the great self portrait shots over at Self Portrait Challenge: I, of course, did not play this month's theme of Pop Art, but I like to think my t shirt graphic kinda counts.


Kami said...

Well, I feel very assaulted. ;)

That shirt is cool. I'll use you Tuesday!!!!! ;) ;)


Monogram Queen said...

That shirt is the shiz-nit Lelo! You rock!
Ruining the sanctity of marriage?, bah. Two people who love each other is sanctity enough for me.

Kathryn said...

You assaulter.

LOVE the shirt and BTW, I'm took off work Saturday and Sunday morning of Pride weekend; should we party??????

Rozanne said...

That is a great T-shirt!

Zoe said...

Funny shirt, it looks nothing like my shirt of +2 cuteness, but it's the power it holds that is important.

Unknown said...

Instead of assaulting marriage, we should assault senators.


Kat said...

What Vince said. :) Cute shirt! :)

geeekgirl said...

It took me over a minute to get it. I am a little slow sometimes.