Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I've been staring at this image for the past three days (when I'm at work at my desk). Reflect...
...on self
...on my needs
...before I speak
...on meaning
...and intent
...on the power of words
...and critical thinking
...and being kind.

I don't think I do enough of this.

But what if I reflect...
...on how strong I am
...on my strengths
...on my capabilities
...ability to love
...and to LIVE and BREATHE

And what if I reflect on... I can bring to others what I may have challenges with myself and thus, provide what I need more of in the end anyway? This makes me think of a moment to calm down, to be kind to each other, to laugh, and to smile. And a time out to take care of each other.

...Deep thoughts with Lelo, huh?...
So Monday was a facial. Tuesday was getting my hair done (and I even have a self portrait). What will Wednesday be? Hmm. Maybe a nice long walk with the girl I love and the cute little furry thing we call Wink, on a beautiful day here in Portland, the first day of summer. Viva la summer!

Reflection is a good thing.


The Q said...

Wow, your timing is incredible.

I too have been doing A LOT of this lately. I've come to a few realizations, a few conclusions and a few things I'm definitely going to change.

Is your portrait in your Flickr stream yet?

:::::::::Scurries off to Lelo's Flickr Stream:::::::

Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated.


purpletwinkie said...

I just reflected. Wait, that was a burp. Sorry.

Monogram Queen said...

You are a regular reflecting pool this week Lelo :)
I hope you took that walk with the girl you love and the furry thing called Wink. I hope you were holding hands and came upon an ice cream truck or a corner store and had a nice treat. That's what I hope.

Kat said...

That was deep! It's good to reflect on things though. I must admit, that I kept getting drawn to the drawing that says 'dogs'... I think it means you need another one. :)

StePHen said...

hey you. missed you. thank you for a beautiful post. really touched me and reminded me to... reflect.
hope the rest of your week was as beautiful as the beginning :)