Friday, July 28, 2006

Coburg speed trap at it again: but this time, nabs Steely Dan crew.

I laughed when I read that the crew for Steely Dan was pulled over and fined for speeding on their way to a concert in Vancouver. I didn’t laugh because they were pulled over, but because of WHERE they were pulled over. Coburg, Oregon.

Coburg police are notorious for their speed traps, and insane focus on racking up the tickets for speeders on the portion of I-5 that goes through their teensy town. For example:
Since at least 2001, Coburg's city government has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for its budget through speeding fines at an I-5 speed trap located outside of city limits. By 2003, the city was raising nearly half of its $1.7 million annual budget through traffic fines; the $755,000 in traffic fines that year amounted to more than $750 per resident; it more than covered Police Chief Mike Hudson's salary of over $124,000 that year, which is more than the salary of the Oregon State Police superintendent.

Welcome to Coburg, Oregon! Now here’s your ticket. Thank you for funding our fancy bikes and weapons!


Kat said...

Nice. There was a podunk town on the way to my college that used to pull people over for anything and everything. I got busted for no front license plate, my passenger not wearing a seatbelt... I believe the state stepped in and made them stop at some point.

ToadyJoe said...

Bastards! How can they get away with stopping people OUTSIDE the city limits? I admit I did not click thru, but still. I freaking HATE speed trappage.

Anonymous said...

they need a giant Speed Trap sign.... Oklahoma style.

New lyrics to Babylon Sister:
Drive west on Sunset
To the sea
Turn that jungle music down
Just until we're out of town
This is no one night stand
It's a real occasion so lets speed to vancouver
Close your eyes and you'll be there
It's everything they say
The end of a perfect day
Distant lights from across the bay
A speeding ticket we must pay.

Zoe said...

OMG I hate the Coburg cops. I also hate the Junction City cops.

I warned CJ about the Coburg cops on I-5 the first time he drove my car down (it likes to go 80) and he got popped.

They SUCK!

Maggie said...

Coburg has been a nightmare for eons! I remember driving through (at 18 yrs. old!) and getting pulled over.
The dude's fly was down and all I could do was laugh. Luckily, my dad was with me and told him to, "Close the barn door, Son. This is my only daughter."
No ticket.

Happy Little Atom said...

Ha! Hey Lelo, what template do you use? The real question is.... how did you get a list of books to show up? I have been trying to do that and failing. I've also lost the funtion for being able to learn about me, not that that is so important, I suppose. Just trying to make me blog more functional, yes? Thanks for any tips! Lovely blogging of late!

LeLo said...

carrie--Coburg police have been stopped from their outrageous antics in the past, only to start again. It's crazy. I-5 goes to 55 mph only through their portion of the highway, and they're there to welcome you. Darn those cops!
Toady--it's actually within the city limits, but barely. And they've worked the system.
Ja'amlo-supah props to you and the rewrite of the Steely Dan classic!!!! I'll never to that song the same again.
Blu--those bastards!
Maggie-ditto! I'm amazed at how many of you know what I'm talkin' bout here. I mean, come on. How can they get away with this?! And Steely Dan for chrissakes!
Happy little atom--I'm so glad you noticed! I've been wanting to do that lil' book linky link for eons, and tonight I came across library thing! See the link at the end of the listing over there in the sidebar? Go there for the coolest, fastest, and easiest way to put your library together....and find other cool recommendations. I'm in love with librarything! I need to read more, and I think this could actually help with that.

Jim said...

The speed trappage is everywhere just outside of every BFE town in Texas. Frankly, its just less expensive to fly! :)

CrackerLilo said...

There are towns in Florida that wouldn't have a police force if it weren't for speed traps!

Monogram Queen said...

We have two litle burgs near here that are like that. Coward,SC & McBee,SC. Crazy. Why do you have a pic of Keifer Sutherland in a cop outfit? LOL

StePHen said...

don't even get me started on cops but props to whoever reported the actual amount raised by tickets etc. (including you)

and for once i am actual glad the cops handed out a fine simply because its steely dan and i found their letter to owen wilson to be the most "Are you serious??" piece of pop-culture phenomenon this summer