Monday, July 24, 2006

The Tea Horse!

Tea Horse
So Portland. So lovely. Communi-tea.

The Tea Horse

"The T-Horse is one of the original projects that catapulted the idea of The City Repair Project into existence. Born from the 1996 Sellwood T-Hows, the T-Horse takes the tea house on the road. Using a 1979 Toyota pick-up, the original group transformed the truck bed into a kitchen-like space and added four 20 foot attachable wings, with pillow and rugs for seating underneath."

We lived in Sellwood during the original T-Hows time, and would walk to the corner originally sited with this concept often. We'd take friends and family with us, and revel in the wonders and beauties of living in Portland, Portland bohemia, and life. Good times.

Tea Horse Wing


pack of 2 said...

I have lived in PDX for 13 yrs. How do I not know anything about this?


Monogram Queen said...

Lelo you find the COOLEST Things!

Rozanne said...

B was just talking about the T Horse the other day, and I was having trouble picturing it--so thanks.

So very, very Portland!

Zoe said...

That is totally freaking cool. The only thing I can say about my town is that Axel Rose and Tammy Lynn Michaels are from here, and that aint saying much.

witchtrivets said...

Oh fun! I hope cool things like this are still happening in Portland.

Anonymous said...

City Repair on satellite tv.

Tuesday, January 9, DISH Network will show Episode 92 of "Perils For Pedestrians".

Contents of Episode 92 (2004):
--We drop in on the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC.
--The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a new Active Living by Design program.
--The City Repair Project works at the community level in Portland, Oregon.
--We learn about the rideshare program for Salem, Oregon.
--We talk with a former Salem Mayor about the failure to finance the Sidewalk Construction And Maintenance Program (SCAMP).

DISH Network Channel 9411 -- The Universityhouse Channel
Tuesday -- 9:30 pm Eastern, 6:30 Pacific

Episode 92 is also available on Google Video:

Note: Public access cable channels are showing different episodes than DISH Network.

Thank you.

John Z Wetmore

John Z Wetmore said...

Google Video stops hosting videos on April 29. To see "Perils For Pedestrians" 92 with the story on City Repair, visit Blip TV at

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The T-Horse has officially been retired as of Dec. 2011. I hear they are hoping to resurrect the T-bike which was created a few years ago as a more sustainable option to the T-Horse. Check out for more details...

John Z Wetmore said...

The video has moved again, this time to YouTube. Episode 92