Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Juvenile Glee

Oh the blogosphere. It does provide for wee bits of glee harkening me to become the sly and sneaky little girl I was in my tweens. At 10, or 12, my beloved boombox and I would spend many hours in my room. Listening and taping. Taping and listening. And when I turned the AM dial all the way to the right? That’s when magic happened.

25 years ago, cordless phone technology was not what it was today. 25 years ago, I could turn the AM radio dial all the way to the right and voila! There was a neighbor, from down the street, talking away to a friend about butterflies or whatever. And I could listen in. I didn’t just listen in. I taped these conversations. (I know it’s illegal today people!) And in my sneaky snarky 12-year old way, I would call them, and play their own conversations back to them. There was never anything incredibly juicy. But I did it anonymously. And it was satisfying. (Mom, Dad, I know you read this blog!)

And so to the present day. And the ability to comment anonymously on blogs. I don’t do it very often. But I recently had the urge to do so, so I did. There was an opportunity. I seized it. And I’m proud to say I know He’s a Fucktard. I believe she got her start on the AM dial a long time ago.


purpletwinkie said...

Whew. I was looking back over my posts for anonymous remarks. Whew. Safe.

Lee said...

LOLOL...that's perfect...HaF may be my new superhere ;)

Zoe said...

Just another reason I adore you, LeLo!

(no, I'm not going to post this anonymously)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you're a criminal and it's all my fault because I sent you to your room! Hugs, Mom
PS Which neighbors were they?

Rozanne said...

So what happened when you turned the dial all the way to the left--could you tune in the Soviet Union or Cuba?

Don't tell me you didn't try.