Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wink's sister is in da howze!

How lucky are we to have Ginger visiting for the week? Ginger's mama stopped by today for a nice visit in the garden and to drop off Ginger before heading out on a lil' vacation. Yes, I promptly put dresses on both of them and took some photos. And can I just say I was **very** impressed with a Dog Whisperer technique RSG applied with Ginger when she started her visit by growling and snapping at Wink. Using a calm and assertive approach she held Ginger in a subdominant position until she behaved. P.S. Cesar Millan has a blog!

How can you not love this little girl?
Hey look! It's Ginger!

Here are the sisters, hangin' out in their summer sundresses...(I can see you rolling your eyes!)
Sisters hangin' in their summer dresses

It's funny how they do things together...
Sisters must do the same thing at all times

A nap sounds good, doesn't it? I actually won't get to see Ginger much until Thursday as I'm off to Texas and Chicago until then. Can I tell you how NOT excited I am to fly while there's an Orange Alert? And to think I'll be without my lipstick, mouthwash, perfume and hand lotion while airporting, well, whatever. ***Ugh.*** I don't know if I'll feel any safer, but perhaps my dried up fingers and hangnails will help me with that.

Enjoy the cuteness of the world's most adorable dogs. In dresses. Napping. Snorggle!

***BONUS LINK: Community College Hosts Lesbian Career Day****


Lee said...

the dogs are adorable...even with eyes rolling, it's hard not to admit...and where the hell were career days like that 20 years ago? helpful would that have been? travels!

pack of 2 said...

that is funny that you dressed them up...i'm sure gingersnap feels so pretty!


Monogram Queen said...

They are precious! I dress Reilly up too but it's so much more fun to dress up a girl dog. :) RSG is lucky to have you & Adri to take care of Ginger for her.
Safe travels honey, it's gonna be rough from here on out.

The Q said...

So, SO cute!!!

I went to Ceasar's blog and the background image (on the main page) shows him with a "Moto Dog" (next to the bulldog). That made me smile :-)

Anonymous said...

sheesh - not even hand lotion?!? hope you survive. my hands are flaking out of sympathy for you. gah!

btw, those Wink and Ginger are TOO CUTE to be legal! so adorable! love their nap shot :)

Anonymous said...

I love Cesar Milan. I love his show. Though I can't help but feeling like the worst dog-parent ever after every episode. I mean, I basically do EVERYTHING WRONG. Oh Cesar, I hate loving you.

StePHen said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! that is so cute. cute cute cute cute cute!

Kat said...