Friday, October 27, 2006

Is it feeling hairy in here or is it just me?

Oh sweet jesus. Happy Friday, and if you're all a goggle about my new header, get yourself on over to Hairy Mail and have some sweet fun hair removal fun and send it to your friends. Since we're in the thick of a political season I suggest that a political campaign jump in and use Hairy Mail as a political campaign tool...oh wait, perhaps it already is? Aaaahhhh, not political, but an awesome social marketing campaign. Can you spot it?


Monogram Queen said...

Our mutual friend with the initials PT sent me this... Gross! Hairy backs make me heave.. and not in a GOOD way either!

rodger said...

That is too freakin' funny. The entire office is now sending hairy mail.

Thanks for picking up our slow Friday!

Rozanne said...

Super gross on many levels.

1) Hairy back, gross in and of itself.
2) The noises coming out of the delipatory bottle.
3) The rubber gloves.
4) The freakin' mole on the guy's back that was revealed to me post-hair removal.


Jay said...

I would like the record to show that those pictures were used without my permission.