Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chaos reigns supreme

Chaos reigns
Do you do better in chaos or in order? I know some better get more things done when things are frenetic: the constant stimulation prods you to keep going, to put your head down and push through. I've never really been one of those types, but I have no option right now really. Yes, I've had offers to come stay at friends houses during this chaotic remodel, but we have 2 cats and a dog, and I can't just leave them here. Plus, it's actually been incredibly helpful to be here to make decisions on the spot about where the heating vent goes, to prod about specific things and to ask questions. I can't imagine doing this kind of remodel while working in my previous crazy job, complete with massive deadlines, hours and travel.

So I've been forced to operate in this chaos. Actually, I'm paying people to do this to me. And I know in the end it will be wonderful. But it doesn't mean it's easy. We're on day # who knows for the drywall in various places around the house. Shelves, furniture, equipment are shrouded in plastic and sheets, while the fine white dust collects in corners and grooves on our hundred year old wood floors. My clothes are spotted with drywall, and the mornings are filled with the chaos of rounding up pets and taking them to the basement, grabbing my laptop, and covering my office and dining room in sheets. AdRi speaks to the drywaller in spanish: he's a nice, young man committed to doing a good job and cleaning up as he goes. He was here Friday, but not until 4pm. He stayed until 6:30. And he was here Saturday. And Monday. And this morning. I believe that's done now.

Don't ask me where anything is. I have no idea. Packed in boxes and stacked in closets, hidden in corners underneath sheets yet still covered in construction dirt and dust, that's where those lost items most likely are.

This is a test of patience and of grace. Can I be graceful during this? I'm trying. I swear I'm trying.


ToadyJoe said...

I, for one, am already impressed with your grace and patience. I know all is not known in blogland, but even so... I know from experience that I am not so blessed with the virtues of patience and grace. Thus, I remain in awe of yours. You're doing great, and I enjoy the updates. Don't stop!

WenWhit said...

"I'm trying. I swear I'm trying."

I swear I'd be swearing.