Thursday, July 26, 2007

When blogging actually makes the world a smaller place

Remember my post from earlier today about the cute cafe opening in my North Portland neighborhood and the owners are blogging about it? First of all, props to all of you who went over there and commented: my readers totally rock. Second, please take note that while I posted that at 10am, at 6:30pm on the very same day, the incredibly sweet owners came to my house and personally delivered the most delicious ice cream ever. To us. In person. Here they are:
Ali and Evan
I know. They're cute, aren't they? And the ice cream, you ask? Creamy chocolate aztec ice cream, just the perfect depth of chocolateness, followed by a kick-ass kick of pepper on the back of your palette. Spicy chocolate. Check out the beauty:
Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream
And delivered just in time for a little dinner party with friends.
summer dinner with friends
The menu? Creamy homemade pesto on locally made noodles from last night's Farmers Market (note to all of you in North Portland: the pasta you can buy at Wednesday's Interstate Farmer's Market is awesome), parmesan popovers and caprese salad with black basil (from the garden).
my favorite summer food
Followed, of course, by Chocolate Aztec ice cream. Ali and Evan, thank you. I'll tell everyone about you and for any of my blogging friends who want to get together at the Little Red Bike Cafe for an ice cream party once they're open, let's do it.


Syd said...

Cute *and* smart. They should do very well.

Your food looks and sounds deeelish.

Monogram Queen said...

That was so sweet! I definitely want to come to NoPo and eat at the Little Red Bike Cafe' as well as one of your dinner parties! Maybe someday.

Jay said...

I'm a whore for spicy and sweet!

Also, I'm pouring at the Brewfest tonight from 4:30-9:00. Come on down and you know whatever beer I've got will be free!

brett said...

that is tooo awesome. way to go creating relationships out of 1's and 0's.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for sharing.

witchtrivets said...

Very nice. Sign me and mwt up for the ice cream party once they open. Yum. I don't even have to ask mwt if she will be interested.

Unknown said...

we'll definitely have to go visit the cafe next time we are out there! their blog is great and their food looks drool worthy! speaking of drool worthy my dear sista, your dinner sounds like it's to die for!! yum!!! give A a big hug for me and the same for Wink and the kitties too!!! :)

CrackerLilo said...

How AWESOME!!!! I know where I'm going if I'm in your area. The ice cream sounds delicious, too!

Unknown said...

They look like really nice people. I'll have to pop in for a bite when they open.


Tim D. Roth said...

Evan and Ali have an envious knack for always creating delicious dishes. You seem to have some of the same, your dinner sounded excellent.

I think I'll probably be meeting you before long as I am slated to be working with Evan and Ali at the cafe. I also occasionally work at the Interstate Farmer's Market, under the big green tent on the far end. We sell lots of produce. Anyway, looking forward to the cafe being open and getting to know some of the locals!

Rozanne said...

Wow. That blogosphere magic is really working. So amazing!

I'm up for an ice cream party!

Joseph Santos-Lyons said...

Love your blog, thanks Jack for pointing it out. We're around the corner in Piedmont. Be well, joseph