Saturday, August 18, 2007

Elvis was hot

Okay, so I keep watching this performance and I just keep thinking, damn! He was so hot! Those moves, the attitude, the sexiness, wow! I think I have a newfound appreciation for Elvis Presley. I know, random post, deal with it. At least I don't have my panties in a bunch.
P.S. Watch that right now!


Alan Cordle said...

Amen. And though Lisa Marie is no Elvis, she looks like him . . . if you're into that thing ;)

Rozanne said...

His hair! How much brylcreem (sp?) must there be on it?

Also, his coolness is accentuated by the dorkiness factor of his band and their weird horizontally striped French-cut T-shirts. I don't know which movie the song is from but if it's Jailhouse Rock (Is that even a movie or is it just a song?) maybe that's the reason they're dressed like that.

LeLo said...

alan-yeah, she looks like him, but it's just not the same, you know? Into that thing? Moi?! ;)

Rozanne-I love those sailor shirts! I have no idea what movie it's from though. So. Cool.