Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quail Botanical Gardens

We visited a lovely botanical garden when we were in SoCal. And lucky you, I took some pictures. From a green roof to freaky porn flowers to an Under The Sea garden area, it's a fantastic place. 35 acres socked away but surrounded by development, the site reminded me of the SoCal I know from my childhood. Enjoy the pics.


Rozanne said...

I love the mariachi band made out of ivy! Hilarious!

bemused said...

Wow, fantastic garden, fantastic photos, lelo! That bamboo, those funky cacti, that amazing above ground underwater garden, the green roof, the ivy mariachi band....astounding, all of it! Thanks for sharing with us.

I spotted pineapple guava flowers in one of your shots. Did you know you can eat the flowers? They are sweet and melt away, like cotton candy - yummmmm!

LeLo said...

Rozanne-The mariachi band was awesome. They even had belt buckles.

bemused-yes! we snuck a taste of those pineapple guava flowers and you're right on with the description. Super tasty. I knew you'd like those photos. :)

Unknown said...

Those pics are beautiful.