Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Lelo, how far left are you?"

I watched the forum on Logo Thursday night (gasp! presidential candidates speaking to and among the gays! gasp!), and can I just say, everytime I hear Kucinich speak, I love him even more? You go, Dennis Kucinich. You go! I just get the feeling, every time I hear him speak, he's not lying through his teeth. And his nerdy excitement? Makes me love him even more. Don't tell me he'll never win, I don't care. I like what he says, I like how he says it, and I like what he stands for. And that is how far left I am.


rodger said...

I love Dennis and think he's brilliant and honest. Oh dear...did I say honest? Yep!!

Wasn't it great that Bill Richardson told Melissa that he thinks homosexuality is a choice? Bye, Bye Billy...Maybe you can become a Rethuglican!

PAgent said...

Any guy that can look that goofy, and still ends up with a woman this hot:

has got to have something powerful going for him.

Anonymous said...


witchtrivets said...

I would vote for him -- he speaks for me more than any other contender. Why is he considered not a viable candidate? And for the record, I am to the left of Kucinich.

Samuel John Klein said...

The reason that Kucinich can't be elected is because our Very Serious People in The Media™ have said he can't be elected.

Their reason are inscrutable, citizen, and you must not question them. doing so is doubleplusungood, you unwashed silly! It's good that you signed yourself Anonymous.

It's kind of funny actually. Kucinich may not hold all the same views that most people have but, according to the reporting I've been hearing (on political blogs, of course, not The News™) more of his views on things align with more of us than don't.

Actually, it would seem that what The News™ delights in calling "Left" is actually what they would call "Center"–equal rights for all, free and available health care, and thinks like that.

So Lelo isn't Left. The cool kids in the media just say this. And you don't stay famous and well-paid in that community unless you agree with what they say the conventional wisdom is.

Seriously, media that cared about the people they report on died about the same time as Frank Bonnema and Portland Wrestling did.

vj said...

I'm left of Kucinich too. I'm voting for him.

Heather said...

I'm giving a big "ditto" to that blog... he is goofy and sometimes hard to believe he actually is that way, but I found him to be sincere... couldn't believe my brother didn't like him much though... maybe Southern gays are different than Northwesterners? Is that a word?

weese said...

we just watched it last night.
my wife just fell in love with him (can you say 'love' enough)
i call him the love elf.
He has not a shot in hell... too damn bad really.