Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's the way of the season

Spent the last day surrounded by sniffle coughers, and now I have it.
Darn it.
I've been fending it off for a while, but my body has given in. The remedy?
Muy delicioso Sopa de Lima (this will be in heavy rotation this winter: highly recommend this soup) with extra cilantro to kick my nostrils into gear...
Sopa de Lima
...followed by some naptime on the couch in the sun. Looks like a certain someone wanted to join me, up close and personal.
sick and napping in the sun


Monogram Queen said...

Awww almost worth getting sick to snuggle with that cutie pie Wink!

Anonymous said...

That soup looks and sounds amazing. I will add it to my (sick arsenal?) rotation.


witchtrivets said...

That is adorable and reason enough to have a small dog like Wink. Doesn't quite work with a 65lb dog.

Sorry you are sick though. We've already had it here at our house. Oh the whining and snuffling. You have my sympathy.