Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bites for Rights: Eat out all day and put your money where your mouth is

A list of participating restaurants, bars and cafes can be found here. Yeah! Go!

Updated: I'm so on the run Thursday, but I hope you'll consider joining us at Russell Street BBQ for dinner. We'll be there with friends, and after their terrific float and turn out at Pride this past weekend, we thought they'd be a fantastic dinner to vote with our dollars. Come!

Are you eating out on Thursday? Here are some fantastic LGBTQ bloggers who I hope consider joining Bites for Rights! Lewis, Roger and Mark, and Koen!


Anonymous said...

Go=of course!

Use this list to help choose places to eat throughout the year=hell yeah.

Thanks for posting. :-)

Cher said...

Dammit! We've done our weekday restaurant meal already this week. Shoot. I've got to keep up. We lurve Russell Street anyway, and what a great reason to visit. Next time for sure.