Monday, June 30, 2008

One last hurrah: licuado

Quieres licuado? Es facil: fresa y leche. Delicioso. Buen provecho.
Licuado is what we call smoothies in our household. In Mexico they're really popular, using lots of fresh and local fruit. Mainly blended with milk, we add yogurt and it's more like a smoothie, but we still call it a licuado. If it's fruit blended with ice/water, it's agua fresca. And if it's mainly fruit and frozen, it's a paleta. Mmmm. Paleta. Fruit popsicle. Hold the sugar and any of that other crap that might be put in it. Mexican paletas are super delish. The best one I ever had was eaten at a gas station in Tulum. My favorite place for licuados might just be downtown Guadalajara. The warm weather here in Portland is making me dream of Mexico...
ruins meet the ocean in tulum

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SassyFemme said...

Mmmm, fresh smoothies are so delicious.