Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Strawberry Bonus

Oregon strawberries, fresh in the field
It's been fun reading your responses to strawberries, some of you were also born in California's Strawberry Capital (also known as home to the lowrider), and memories of picking as kids or Oregon strawberries themselves. I love Malady's story in the comments of craving strawberries during her pregnancy and eating a pound of them a day! They are that good, aren't they? It's also been fun hearing of friends and some of you inspired to make Strawberry Freezer Jam. AdRi reported yesterday that North Portland's Fred Meyer is sold out of pectin. You go you jam makers you!

So I had extra frosting from the cupcake episode, and I knew right away what to do with it...
Strawberry frosting sandwiches
Graham crackers left over from camping (for s'mores, duh!) were quickly put to work for frosting sandwiches. My mom used to make these, and a little plate of them would be in the fridge. I loved them. I sent a plate of them home with my visitors, but kept a few for myself. The perfect way to use leftover frosting. Mmmm.


April said...

oh now you've done it....that looks too TOO good! who can turn down frosting and graham crackers?!

A Lewis said...

Hey! My mom did that too....over and over through the years.

MissKris said...

My mom did that as well. My personal favorites were the ones done with chocolate or fudge frosting...yum! My brothers and I scarfed those things down like there was no tomorrow! And some yummy made-from-scratch spicy cupcakes called "Monkey Faces", another favorite after-school snack especially warm out of the oven!