Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A tale of blueberries and summer travel

Lay your hands on these
I'm done traveling outside of the Pacific Northwest for the rest of the summer. Because now is the sweet spot. The sweet spot of summer in Portland. When it's dry and sunny and warm. The produce is pumpin'. The farmer's markets are bountiful. The parks are filled with free concerts and music and water and dogs and so many smiles it makes your face hurt from smiling so much. When I take photos like a madwoman, in the golden sunshine and the green, green grass. When I make lists of tomato sauces to preserve, herbed vinegars to concoct, and to get back on that summer cocktail series. (My backdoor clay pot of flavored mints runneth over and demand to be muddled and mixed and combined with spirits.) When girls (I mean, assistants) need to be picked up from cheerleading camp and dogs need to be walked. When events fill the weekends, all scheduled without fear of rain, this one, special month. When pies are baked and thick slices are delivered to elderly neighbors. Bike rides and BBQs and daytrips to the beach. Sigh. You with me here in this moment?

But we're just back from a trip to Southern California, to be immersed in sunshine, and bright pools, baptism and babies, family and movies and lots of good things to eat. I miss the mission architecture of California, and the streets in spanish. Limon Ave., Avocado St.....I kept hoping for Cilantro so I could make a street full of guacamole. And a baby who had his first blueberries, and couldn't stop eating them. One after another, blueberries popped into his little mouth, chubby fingers eagerly picking them up and scooping them in.

Here's to August!


Karolcooks said...

Love the new header on the blog...gorgeous! Maybe sometime you can help me with mine?

A Lewis said...

I wish I had a honey that enjoyed fruit and veggies as much as i do....I just go CRAZY over them. And this is the time of year, you're right!

Anonymous said...

Love the pix (as always), the writing, and the new layout, woo-hoo! Here's to August. Yep, I'm with you. I had the most perfect day ever today.

SassyFemme said...

Life sounds idyllic for you right now!

Lisa said...

Yes, it is the sweet spot! I love eating fresh blueberries from the farmers market by the handful and eating blackberries from briars along the trail where I walk in the gorgeous northwest summer sunshine.

So, yes, here's to August in this corner of the world!

Jennifer said...

That was a good read, I was there in the moment...So happy you both are back. (I needed that)

Tricia said...

I'm here with you in the moment..wish I was there with you for apiece of pie or a cocktail!

LeLo said...

Fattie: you got it!
Wacky mommy: Yeah! for recognizing those special moments when they happen.
SassyFemme: It's all about manifestation.
Lisa; Lovely!
Jennifer: We're happy too, thanks!
Tricia: There is always a cocktail AND a slice of pie here for you in Portland.