Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whoa nelly. Now THAT'S a tomato!

heirloom tomato
Is it a pumpkin or is it a tomato? Tomkin? Pumpato? Nah. Tomato through and through. Super delish, and fresh from the garden. Heirloom tomatoes grow like this. Huge, delicious, succulent and meaty. And our golden heirloom is really producing right now. So happy! Finally!

No, really, get a good look at it:
is it a pumpkin, or a tomato?

Aaaaah. Labor Day weekend. I'll be eating more tomatoes, attending a little event here, and meeting the father of one of my bestest friends. Beyond that? We'll see if I can squeeze in a little canning of pears. Canning you ask? Why yes. Seems I have a bit of a new hobby. Preserving. More about that next week.


Rozanne said...

Gorgeous! And huge. What kind is it?

I didn't plant any heirlooms this year cuz I've had such bad luck with them--very low producers (although what little I did harvest them was always the best).

I ate two of the hybrids I grew today, and you know what? They just are not as good as heirlooms, even though I ate them moments after I picked them

Next year. Heirlooms or bust!

Anonymous said...