Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On the other side of the world

Dad and LiLee
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Walking along, hand in hand, one step at a time.

My lucky parents are visiting my sister and her family on the other side of the world. Australia, to be exact. I just saw these photos in my sister's Flickr this morning, and thought it was such a wonderful one.

I used to walk the Ventura pier when I was a little girl. My heart would race and pound when I looked down. Between the slats I could see the ocean, and the water pounding the barnacles covering the pier posts. I'd hold my breath and step one slat at a time. Concentrating. Concentrating.



Anonymous said...

Lucky sister to be in Australia! Have you ever been able to visit her?

Ali and Evan said...

I love your story paired with this photo. It's nice you are still able to share in their journey to visit your sister. Sometimes on the other side of the world doesn't feel so far away.

Desert Diva said...

How nice to live in a technological world - complete with digital photography that can be posted on a website.

I love your retelling of the childhood memory walking on Ventura pier - concentrating...

Have a good weekend - I know that Fleur-de-Lisa is visiting for the Metamorphosis dinner you worked so hard on.