Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 Things I've Been Doing

Oh it's been so quiet here, hasn't it? Well, here's an update on 25 Things I've Been Doing....

1. Reading more of your blogs than creating at mine. Some really great blogs I've been lurking on include Garden Rant, William Bragg, Dig This Chick, Foodie Tots and Hip Chick Digs. Go check them out and give them some love.

2. Being the busiest I've been since I started my own consultancy two years ago.

3. Working with amazing new clients doing important things in this world.

4. Working with ongoing clients doing amazing, new things in this world.

5. Not getting sucked into the drama of gay community politics but watching them from a communications viewpoint and realizing it's one, big trainwreck. And the things we say and do in moments of crisis are big indicators of the kind of people we are: be gentle.

6. Connecting with long lost friends on Facebook, and posting photos like this:
Yes, I am brave.

7. Not responding to any of the 25 Things About Me tags on Facebook. I have 50 Things, and though they're old, they're still interesting. I think.

8. Experimenting with different fruit and vegetable slurries in the VitaMix: pears are both very popular in our CSA box right now and so they are in the blender. Carrot greens are delicious in a drink, by the way. They make smoothies green.

9. Getting pedicures with my lovah.

10. Going to fancy lady events and talking with quirky guys in light-up belt buckles. And then having people think they need to "save me" from the quirky guy, when in reality, I really enjoyed visiting with the quirky guy. Did you follow that?

11. Watching The L Word on Sunday nights with friends and realizing the show has jumped the shark.

12. Visiting with Rudy in the sunshine and sharing an orange with him. Both agreeing how beautiful that orange is, almost too pretty to eat.

13. Daydreaming about our upcoming trip to Sun Diego. Yes I spelled that correctly.

14. Doing my morning lightbox therapy.

15. Daydreaming about our upcoming trip to Mexico. Researching tequila and cacao production in the area we'll be.

16. Hugging my dog. She's my stress reducer.

17. Watching Gran Torino and getting so emotional I about sob uncontrollably. You know the kind where your throat tightens up and rises high in your neck and you know if you open your mouth there will be no stopping of it all?

18. Watching old Spike Lee movies.

19. Not doing any gardening or canning whatsoever.

20. Staring at the instructions for sourdough bread and wondering if I really have the patience for it all. It may be doubtful.

21. Failing at mexican chocolate sorbet but knowing what to do next time.

22. Trying to figure out how I'm going to do a client conference call in the middle of my master gardener class tomorrow afternoon. I believe it will be from my car.

23. Getting ready for my Sassy Gardener column to start up again in March, and pondering all of the great topics to write about this season and gardens to visit. I'm open to requests!

24. Reading the book America Eats! and learning about the WPA project of the 1930s with writers and photographers capturing the culinary stories of communities across the country. I'm fascinated with chitlin stomps and booya feasts.

25. Using way too much of my favorite moisturizer: A Perfect World. It really is perfect. But it's a cold dry winter and a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do to get through it.

And that, my friends, are 25 Things I've Been Doing.


TP said...

Nice. I especially like #5 (particularly the "be gentle" part; it scares me how nasty/hostile some reactions have been) and #10. On #10, it's great to have friends that are alert and willing to come to the rescue ... and even better to meet new, quirky and interesting folks. Yay!

Unknown said...

You can't ever use too much of A Perfect World in the wintertime. I swear by it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That picture is absolutely adorable!

I played the sax, too, but I play an alto.

Anonymous said...

This was really funny bc I JUST got done doing the 25 things on Facebook. I put it off for weeks and I think half my friends had tagged me. It was fun! Also, I'm working the word "lovah" into my vocabulary and thanks for the praise of my blog!

Rozanne said...

I read America Eats! It's a mixed bag. I loved most of the actual WPA stuff, but I could have done without the "author's" commentary--it added nothing in my opinion.

Also, her surprise in finding that there are good restaurants and good food in Portland (being so far away from the center of the universe AKA NYC where she lives) really, really irked me.

I think my favorite thing was the 1940s-era diner slang at the back of the book. Nervous pudding!

Lifeofkaylen said...

I agree with #5 - I don't understand why people have to be so mean sometimes!!!
That whole thing has just been a mess.

Tricia said...

"Pedicures with my lovah"

Absolutely love it! And now I know how to spell lover correctly- thank you!

Deb Rox said...

You are a busy girl!

The L Word has killed, stuffed and jumproped with the shark.

dig this chick said...

Oh the 25 flying around on facebook! I know. Thanks for the shout out. I adore peeking into your life in nopo. I am gonna be in your hood in a few short weeks! Can't wait. Portland is the big city to Missoulians, you know.

Anonymous said...

I love you as Danny Bonaduce with a horn.
Uncle Shar