Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things I've seen recently

A whole of wall of TV's airing the commercial for the snuggie.
wall full of snuggie

A car covered in fur.
pretty pet my car

flamingo central

The family that lucha libres together, stays together.
the family the lucha libres together, stays together


Anonymous said...

That's the cutest family!

bemused said...

OMG, words fail me for the wall of snuggie commercials and the fur-covered car.

But the flamingos and that family - fun, fun, fun!

bemused said...

Words finally came....

Just where does one take a car to be curried and combed like an animal? I think that's beyond the normal car wash options.

Anonymous said...

I love that car.

Anonymous said...

You truly lead a charmed life.

Janet said...

That wall of snuggies cracked me up