Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple season: stories and a link for you

bucket, mid fill
It's high time for apples. Apple cider, fresh, apple crisps, applesauce and apple butter. I've written plenty about apples, including my memories of the big red apple barn in Ojai we'd go to as a child.

But I read this post today and was mesmerized, and then Lisa referenced my slow cooker technique for making applesauce and apple butter. But oh, how she tells it so much better than I. Go read about Uncle Hal and his memories growing up making apple butter.

Stories involving scent, flavor, seasons, can transport us to our childhood and familial connections. This is a wonderful story.

Finally, I'm itching for a good apple crisp. Favorite recipe? Please tell.


Lisa said...

Thanks Lelo! I'm so glad you liked the post. Your enthusiasm for seasonal produce and your interest in the way people experience it is inspiring. I am continually amazed at the connections people can make over food. It reachs beyond borders and across the generations like nothing else.

Wishing you a perfect Apple Crisp.


NW Nature Nut said...

I just posted my favorite apple pie recipe a couple of days ago. Does that count?

All About Food said...

Lelo, I'm ready to make another pan of apple crisp this weekend. I have a big bag of apples picked from a friend's tree. I'll be making the crisp that I posted on my blog @http://www.areavoices.com/sdoeden/index.cfm?blog=60500. It's been my favorite recipe ever since my son was just a little tyke. I hope you will like it, too.