Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear Blog Letter: various sundry items to keep you occupied

Dear Blog,

It’s been so long. So long since I’ve really let it loose here. I know there’s been a lot of gardening, canning, cooking, puppy snorggling, but not even that stuff much of late.

Blog, I’ve been busy. I’ve thought of you though! And oh how I’ve been cheating on you. Twitter is my mistress. Facebook not so much. But both are distractions. I’ve had many random thoughts, but not so much cohesive blog post thoughts. Here’s a random list of things I’ve been thinking about.

My parents are traveling across New Zealand and Australia connecting with my sister and her family. It’s been 8 years since I’ve seen my sister and I miss her. And my parents never cease to amaze me. My dad is turning 70 next month and they just hiked across the better part of the SW United States.

Speaking of hiking. I was completely enthralled with the recent PBS special on the national parks. Now I’m consumed with planning national parks trips and exposing AdRi to the experiences of my childhood and visiting as many national and state parks as possible. Only now we have Google maps. The best reminder about the national parks special? National parks are for the people: they are for us. They are for everyone.

I’ve been enjoying some wonderful blogs of others lately. They include Chiot’s Run, I Digress, Diggin Food, Bridget Polloud, Chook Goes Bokk and AmLo Farms (my sister-in-law's blog whose garden is full of chickens, goats and my adorable nieces, oh and my brother too. :) ) You should go visit them. Be inspired and perhaps laugh a little.

I’ve been working a lot lately people. A lot. And while I’m so, so, so grateful to be busy in a time that's challenging economicly for many people, this is a lot. I’m now working with freelancers and subcontractors and am envisioning building my little team. My desire to do good work for good clients is proving to be the right thing to do and I’m just so very pleased about it.

Wink had several seizures last month and it scared the bajeezus out of AdRi and I. We think it has to do with a change in her flea medication. So scary to see your little furball outside of her body contorting. Did you know that when dogs have seizures they aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures? That means they can cook themselves. She hasn’t had one recently and I’m hoping that continues. But still: scary.

My gardening column in Just Out is on winter haitus, but for a few bits for the holidays etc. I'm thankful for the break and will be back full swing in March.

Because I can't fathom doing a post without including a photo, I give you a photo of my hair. I told you I've been busy people. But not too busy for hair.
very important photo

The trees are turning here in Portland, and while I realize I’m more a fan of spring blooms, I did catch myself saying out loud yesterday, “Oh wow” when I came upon a whole block of bright red-turned maples in Northwest Portland. Breathtaking. Wow.

The Botany of Desire is coming to PBS and I can't wait. Watch this and get excited with me.

Have a weekend for me, will ya?


Wacky Mommy said...

Ditto for me with blog (facebook more than twitter, though). I'll just follow you wherever you go, writing-wise.

Hair looks great. Happy travel wishes to your folks. re: Winky-woo -- Is she allergic to the fleas themselves, maybe? One of my kitty cats developed that condition, it was scary.

A Lewis said...

First and foremost, I can't stand the thought of poor Wink in breaks my heart!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your's so sassy and sexy! And the color reminds me of the leaves that you mentioned -- what a beautiful time of year!

Heather said...

I ditto A Lewis's comment about poor Wink and your hair - it's so funny - my friend and I were just discussing getting sassy sexy haircuts!

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for the shout out! Second, that is super scary about the dog. :( I hate sick dogs, it makes the world seem out of balance. Third: HOLY S that is AMAZING HAIR!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

we have a family vacation home near west yellowstone. if you need any info.. ask a me. also, tom brokow and his wife meredith have a place up there. and she wrote an amazing cookbook, titled BIG SKY COOKING. it has collections of little essays from local residents, etc... it a more than a cookbook.

chook said...

i'm honored by your mention of my little blog! thank you.

michael pollan is one of those writers whose books i savor instead of rushing through. i can't wait to see BOD on OPB.

Jennifer said...

Love that picture of your hair...Wow! The drive to La Center is beautiful right now, going down the hill into the town is like a fall perfect picture.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sweet Wink and the seizures. A friend has a corgy who has frequent seizures and she always keeps vanilla ice cream in the freezer to give her dog afterwards. Besides being cool, I believe it helps regulate blood sugar or something else that I can't recall at the moment. BTW - beautiful hair! =)