Monday, December 07, 2009

These hips don't lie, and neither do Shakira's

these hips don't lie
Any hanger-ons in the garden are most likely going to be nipped in the bud this week. The impatiens have 'sploded, and just a branch of very brave "Wedding Bouquet" roses are blooming. Their hot pink color is easily visible in the barren, grey garden.

But the roses are producing hips, and these hips don't lie. I looked up and the cold blue sky begged for a quick snap with the phone. Later the same day, I watched a squirrel race along the fence rail, grab up into the rose bush, and pull off a rose hip. Jumping to a post top, he perched and nibbled his rose hip daintily, and for a moment, I thought it was cute. (Remind me of this moment next spring when the spring bulbs are ripped up and nibbled on too. Cute will not be my word of choice.)

I don't think there's any irony in noting that I've been listening to a lot of Shakira lately, she-of-the-amazing hips.

I know. Mesmerizing. May I recommend her latest?

And if you're brave, you'll watch the video that goes with that most awesome of songs.

I know you thought this post was about rose hips and my garden but alas, I've been sidetracked by Shakira's hips. So I ask you this: how can you listen and not dance? Shake those hips.


Unknown said...

She can move em!

Unknown said...

you and your bro love shakira! hahah

Flower gyrl said...

She's a sight to behold, and so is any rose trying to bloom in December.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture!