Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The comment that gets a post of its own

I love the comments you leave me. *Love* them. But this one? Gets a post of its own. It's in response to my "preciousness of food preserving" post, and it's from my wonderful friend and fellow blogger Rodger...
We precious boys here who love canning as you do often take a moment when canning to praise our mothers and grandmothers. Not only did they preserve food, they also cooked, cleaned, raised the children and did the laundry. A couple generations back they did it all without running water.
Heh...not one of us would be who we are without them and canning gives us the opportunity to praise them for, not only life, but it's bounty.

Well said, well said.


Best Wishes, Marie said...


praise through work.

Unknown said...

how perfectly true! what a great way to remember...:)

thanks for sharing that.

can't wait to see you!!

Mark H said...

WOW....He IS pretty good with words.... I'll make sure he sees his "honorary" post. Loved your writing about all the composting going on at your IS that time of year!

Anonymous said...

Makes me tired just thinking about it. And makes me grateful to be alive in today's world. We've got it so good.

Meg-in-Oregon said...

Call me a sap, but that brought tears to my eyes! Hooray for traditions!