Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fellow food preservers are gearing up

the finished product
How can I tell it's getting to be the season for canning and preserving? Because new orders for my custom canning labels are coming in over on Etsy and wow, you guys are getting busy!

It's so inspiring to create these because I get to hear about what you're creating in the kitchen. Check out some of the great products I recently made labels for...
Blueberry Lime Jam
Honey Lemon Jelly
Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly
Roasted Red Peppers
Carrot Cake Jam
Pickled Asparagus
I know, huh? Totally impressive.

What's on your list for preserves this year? I spoke about it a little on last week's show, but I've been thinking no more figs (I'd rather eat them fresh), and yes to more sauces. Which will probably mean having to bust out the pressure canner. I really want to can my own salsa, enchilada sauce and thai simmer sauces this year. And yes to the strawberry freezer jam, tayberry jam, peach preserves, but all with the low to no-sugar Pomona's Universal Pectin. And of course, canning peaches whole. Oh, oh, and maybe pickling some onions, jalapeƱos...we'll see. I'm not the biggest pickler, but I am a fan of anything crunchy crispy tangy: just say NO to the soggy pickle.

Oooh, and I need to do a new batch of strawberry vinegar. The flavored vinegars are so great for salads.

What are you thinking of when it comes to preserving this year? Doing more? Doing less? Experimenting with anything new?


Adrienne said...

More salsa! Good grief, my fiance went through six pints in less than two months. Also more crushed tomatoes. No more plums in honey syrup, I never really liked anything I made with them. Definitely more cuke pickles. I made an experimental batch of pickled asparagus this week (fridge pickles) and I loved them, so some of those, processed. Dilly beans. Peach jam. Mixed berry jam if I can find a less expensive u-pick source. Apple butter, but probably not apple sauce. Pickled cauliflower. Wow, re-reading this, I am apparently a pickle fiend.

devlyn said...

I'm going to try to process some sweet pickled rhubarb... I had some at one of the IACP dinners with a fish, and it was really tasty. Definitely some pickle cukes... I have a bunch of salsa, beets, and tomatoes that my mom did last year, so I'll likely not do my own this year. If anyone has a line on a u-pick source for sour cherries, I'll make a TON of cherry preserves. They're my favorite. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm too superstitious to put the cart before the horse! (i.e., with my luck, I'd better wait until the pickles are canned before I order our labels this year!) Everyone was so impressed with our gifts, because the LeLo-designed labels made them designer products. Thanks! Lee Ann

rodger said...

Thanks for the ideas...blueberry lime jam sounds divine. I also have to find out about that carrot cake jam.

We'll be doing more this year since we were on vacation during prime canning season last year. And...if you really like crunchy, pickled have to try our krispy dilled beans...they're so quick and easy to make but impossible to keep around.

Jacquelyn said...

More veg! And I plan to learn pressure canning this year. Less jam. More frozen berries. My goal is to replace the row of store-bought canned goods in my pantry with homemade - primarily beans and tomato products.