Saturday, May 08, 2010

St Johns is Something Special: St Johns Parade 2010 Rocks It

St Johns is someplace special
It was a great parade, as always. Today's sunshine brought out the best in everyone.

Hot rods and hot hair...
Fly your flag!
Citizen of the year Steve Duin (whose sign had a corrected typo)
Sorry Steve Duin
Ribbons shown with pride
Show off that ribbon with pride!

Our City Commissioner rode in a car with a front license plate that read Redneck Yacht Club
City Commissioner Fish

And you could even say Commissioner Fish had balls. Keepin' it classy.
City Commissioner Fish has balls, evidently

We saw lots of friends, and even our dog Wink did too.
Even Wink saw friends in the parade

And passion on a flat bed truck. This drummer rocked it.
Passion on a flat bed truck

See more photos from the parade today here.

See you next year, St Johns parade!


Little Bay Root said...

Love it! I wish I didn't have plans this morning!

chook said...

why was nick fish's car mooing?

A Lewis said...

I think I remember this post from years past too. How fun!

Amy - the gazelle said...

I was so confused as to how Ronald McDonald got to be the Grand Marshall.

Also, you were like 1 block away from me (and on the other side of the street).

(Also, did I black out during the parade, or was there really no Beaterville?)

LeLo said...

I love Commissioner Fish, I just found the car he was riding in to be, er, not in alignment with his brand? Yeah, that's it.

Little Bay Root - You missed a great parade!

Chook - Yes, his car was mooing. It really was.

Lewis - You have a good memory, and yes, I blog about it almost every year. :)

Heather - I do too!

Amy - I'm so with you: Ronald is just not what he used to be. I thought he had retired. And you are correct: I cried that there was no Beaterville. However, there was the St Johns Circus, and the Steampunks!

Anonymous said...

I attended only one St Johns parade (the one with the Code Pink contingent at the end ... ) but will attend no other - until the ladies who seem to have a stranglehold on the event sharply restrict the number of combustion-type vehicles. I recommend that parents think a bit before attending with their young children - all that pre-catalytic exhaust is totally unfriendly to air breathers.