Monday, June 21, 2010

I have this vision

Focal point
This vision I have in my head is all about capturing the magic light that floats through the side garden. As the sun begins to go down, it filters through, lighting up everything between the backyard and the front. It can make plants glow and in the evening, while the backyard is heady with the scent of jasmine and soon, lilies. I imagine gazing at the sun as it sets on a hot summer day and seeing the purple fountain grass light up and assure me that yes, indeed it is summer.

For now it is a vision because today it was 55 degrees out and I turned on the seat-heater in my car. The cats and dog are hovering in front of the floor heating vents, and the radiant floor heat upstairs is providing a very popular place for them to nap. Just like it was November or something.

But instead, I'm keeping focus on my vision described above. Let's close our eyes and breathe deeply, fellow Pacific Northwesterners. While our friends and family in other parts of the country may be complaining about the heat and their days spent at the pool, we can take comfort in the fleece we have not yet had to pack away for the season. I almost wore tights with boots the other day but I stopped myself before I committed that heinous crime.

I have this vision. The sun grows warm and lights up that purple fountain grass. And it better come true, dammit.

P.S. Happy Summer Solstice!


Heather said...

:) - the fireflies are out!

Kari said...

Hi Lelo,

I just finished catching up on your blog. My goodness that dog of yours truly is WonderDog (and so adorable)! How could she not be though with two owners that love her like you gals do?

I love the pictures of your garden -it sure doesn't look gloomy in your photos! The sun is overrated anyways! I am looking out the window at the California "June Gloom" right now and wishing some sunshine your way.

I can't wait to hear about your vision coming true! It's not really summer until July anyways in my opinion. June weather is always the pits! Have a good week.

e said...

Happy Summer Solstice! I'm counting on some sun... one of these days.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

visualization is powerful !!! best wishes, marie

Amy - the gazelle said...

I keep thinking the sun will come out today! And the forecast is looking lovely. I am ready for some outdoor summer-time fun.

And your garden/side yard looks gorgeous! I'm hoping that someday mine can look half that good!